Brian Reimer Stables

 At Brian Reimer Stables, we are guided by the principal that riding not only develops equestrian skills, but more importantly, cultivates responsibility, relationships and the understanding of working toward and realizing achievements.  We teach a traditional type of English riding called Saddle-Seat.  It is the basis of all riding styles. Our competitive and recreational riders together create a fun, safe, and supportive group that is focused on friendship and sportsmanship through their mutual love of horses!

Our Goal

Our first goal is to keep our riders safe.  Our second goal is to make every rider's experience fun and incredibly enjoyable.  Finally, we aim to help the rider achieve their own personal horsemanship goals - whatever they may be.  BRS is a family atmosphere where the where we want riders to have fun and realize their utmost potential.  Riders learn at their own pace and all levels of riding have a place here.

Lesson for Beginners, Intermediate and advanced Riders
All of our beginner riders start learning in private lessons, which are 30 minutes long.  Every student that rides at BRS is treated as an individual and lessons are developed with this in mind.  Our price is $50 per lesson.  As our riders learn and advance, they can move into a small group with 3 to 4 other riders.  Most of our riders take weekly lessons, while some ride several times a week.

We offer Adult Riding Lessons
We do have many adults who ride.  Maybe you grew up riding and you are ready to get back in the saddle, or perhaps you've always dreamed of taking horseback riding lessons.  Your instructor will make it fun for you.  A horse will be chosen for you that fits your level of ability so that you can gain confidence and enjoy your riding experience.​